Who likes the corporate or personal tax season?!

We do! We do like to offer you solutions in order in order to increase and protect the financial ...

Other services

In order to respond to all our clients’ needs in the accounting department, we built a team able to successful execute contracts in fields like finance, operations, accounting software. As exampl ...


Fuzion dedicates its services to small and medium companies in Quebec. Beyond helping you to fulfill your obligation in the accounting and financial area of your company, our objective is to be an added value to you and ... ...


Fuzion accounting&marketing is dedicated to offer a high quality service to small and medium companies in Quebec. Our objective goes beyond being analysts of financial data to being an added value to you and your company. In order to fulfill this objective, we oaccounting, comptabilitéffer all our clients a hands-on approach that involves step by step assistance in fulfilling your obligations. As a result our services are personalized to each of our clients, starting from the classics:


  • Accounting & bookkeping;
  • Preparation of gouvernment reports;
  • Preparation of financial statements;
  • Notice to reader;
  • Preparation of files for auditors.